Working fictions of money (Ph.D. Dissertation) (2020)

Authors: Guadalupe Moreno
Publication date: November 2020
Publisher: Universität zu Köln
Description: Why does money work best when it can be taken for granted? Moreover, why do we stop trusting money? This dissertation delves into the social, political, and institutional processes that support trust in contemporary fiat money and argues that, in contemporary capitalist economies, popular fictions of money convey a false image of what money is and how it works. The dissertation studies trust in money through the analysis of a specific case. It shows how recurrent monetary crises in Argentina have caused trust in money to morph into distrust. After an in-depth analysis of the many crises Argentina experienced between 1880 and 2015, the study analyses the Argentine central bank’s most recent attempt to recover trust in money: implementing inflation targeting between 2016 and 2018.